Frank van Gompel

picture FrankAward-winning notable Dutch composer Frank van Gompel studied musicology and composition. His commissions include orchestral music, a requiem, chamber music, film music and some more popular experiments.

Buddhist philosophy has had a great impact on van Gompel's music. It manifests in the insight that art can have a positive and healing influence on society and can inspire to a search for other than a materialistic one. His artistic parameters contain expression of unity and compassion. Although deeply rooted in European tonality, there is a passion for expressive avantgarde techniques.

Besides his work as composer, he has contributed to the dutch musical landscape as member of the Amsterdam Art Council and board of the dutch composers society (Geneco). In his spare time he is a sculptor in stone and holder of a black belt in the japanese martial art Aikido.


1999 finalist "Project Young composers" Dutch Ballet Orchestra

2008 "Golden Chest Award" for best music "Stellenbosch TV Series"

2014 Winner First "Keuris Composition Prize" with 'Sagittarius Variations' for orchestra


2005 'Sporen in het Land' (documentary; SNG Film)

2007 'Stellenbosch' (tv series; VPRO/VARA/NPS)

2009 'Hyperion's Dream' (independent art film; Pepeyn Langedijk)

2010 'Brug' (short animation; Gerben Agterberg)

2012 'Monumenten van Schaamte' (documentary, Rudolf van den Berg)


2008 'Soundtrack Stellenbosch' (remastered 2016)

2013 ''The Director's Cut' by The Man Who Bleeds Music


Orchestral Music

1995 'Vetiver' (string orchestra)

1998 'Sacred Order' (symphony orchestra); 'Portali di Tempio' (wind orchestra)

1999 'Violin Concerto' (violin and string orchestra

2000 'Dance of the Second-Born' (chamber orchestra)

2002 'The Path is the Goal' (string orchestra)

2006 'Missa Dhamma' (soprano, alto and string orchestra)

2008 'Schilte' (music theatre)

2009 'Flight of the Garuda' (concerto for flute and flute orchestra)

2014 'Sagittarius Variations' (chamber orchestra)

Chamber Music

1993 'Sonate Hepatique' (viola, piano)

1994 'Pas de Reponse' (flute, bass clarinet, piano)

1995 'American Psycho' (bariton & ensemble)

1996 'Castle of the Perfect Ones' (tenor, cor d'anglais, cembalo, piano)

2001 'Two Prayers' (septet);'Concerto for Brass' (brass quintet)

2003 'Three Refuges' (flute, horn, piano); 'Nahe des Todes'(soprano, alto, ensemble)

2004 'Welsh Flowers' (string quartet)

2005 'Elegie' (flute, violin, cello and piano; oboe, violin, cello and piano)

2011 'Message to Rodion' (violin and piano; violin and accordeon)


1997 'Psaume' (mixed choir)

2014 'Requiem 'Infinite Compassion' (cello solo, strings and mixed choir)